My Miracle

Yesterday, my miracle, so perfect, so small.

Settled perfectly, head in my hand,

Feet snuggled in the crook of my arm,

Hand wrapped around my finger.

Our eyes met in those first moments.

A connection formed in an instant,

Stronger than the cord which once bound us.

While I held my baby, you held my heart.

The days, weeks, years, they soon flew by.

Too many milestones to count, yet

Your smile, your laugh, your steps, your words,

Every one, engraved in my memory.

Today, my miracle, no longer nestled in my arms.

I find I must share with the rest of the world,

Your smiles and kindness, your gifts and your words.

You are no longer only my baby.

Each day passes more swiftly than those before,

You, my lovely child, embrace each one,

With the hope, the ambition of a child,

With the grace, poise, and confidence of a lady.

How fortunate are we who are gifted to hold,

However great, a piece of your childhood?

How covetous am I, to desire those pieces,

Still wholly belonged to me?

Tomorrow, my miracle, so beautiful, so strong.

Poised at the threshold of a future full,

Of hope, of dreams, of joy, of love.

No longer a baby, still holding my heart.

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